Poker2night Tournament Manager

Plan & manage your Texas Hold'em
tournament details while you play!!

Poker2night is Windows Software that helps you keep track of all your Texas Hold'em tournament details while you play.

This includes timer countdown, chip colours & values, blinds, players & payouts and much more - which are clearly displayed on your computer monitor, laptop or projector for all players to view.

For beginner home poker players the "How to Host a Home Tournament" tutorial teaches you how poker tournaments are planned and run as well as what equipment you'll need and the official rules of Texas Hold'em.

Features of Poker2night 3.0

Fully customizable - you enter in all of your own tournament details including chip colours & values, level length, blind structure, player names, payouts, breaks, chip stacks and more.

Handy payouts calculator with percentages input, automatic calculation, rounding to any amount and suggested payouts for your tournament.

Creates and Catalogs a Tournament Report after each game.

Advanced options including ability to change currency symbol, schedule tournament breaks and save & load all of your tournament setup details.

Heaps heaps more including: Audio Alerts when level changes, Add-ons, Rebuys, Payouts, Player Elimination, Prize Pool Additions, Average Chip Stack Calculation ...

Detailed help file to easily learn all advanced features.

"How to Host a Home Poker Tournament" including how tournaments are planned and run, equipment you'll need and Texas Hold'em rules.

Main Poker Clock Screen

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